2014 April | Dispatch Interviews

Naghmeh Abedini interview gives update on Pastor Saeed Abedini, the dangers of the new prison and help from Pope Francis

EXCLUSIVE: Naghmeh Abedini is battling to see the release of her husband, Pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been jailed in Iran for his religious beliefs for over one year. During previous interviews with The Global Dispatch Naghmeh detailed his arrest, torture and prayer vigils to support her husband. Read more HERE and HERE Now Naghmeh […]


Christian Artist Plumb Discusses Winter Jam, ‘Need You Now,’ Power Of Love And Marital Advice

Even for Christian artists, Plumb is one of the most vocal and transparent of musicians ever interviewed by The Global Dispatch. Emotional battles, marital problems, down times in creative energy – nothing is off limits when Tiffany Arbuckle Lee opens up her heart to share. The interview by discussing Winter Jam, the Jam Tour, which […]


The Valhalla Project is working to help veterans decompress, return to civilian life

PTSD and trauma disorders have been a burden of returning soldiers since there were soldiers. One group, 100% non-profit, is working to assist these veterans assimilate and prepare for civilian life: The Valhalla Project. Speaking with former Special Forces Lt. Colonel and co-founder Gordon Cucullu and former ATF Special Agent Sheila Stephens, The Global Dispatch […]


Suzy Weibel discusses Secret Keeper Girl, Crazy Hair Tour and reaching ‘tween’ girls

Secret Keeper Girl Events are specially designed for tween girls ages 8-12.  Secret Keeper was a book for teen girls about how to keep the deepest secrets of your beauty for just one man. It was very successful and we chose to use that name to approach teens in an age appropriate way about issues of modesty […]


Jaci Velasquez talks Christian music, family, ‘family friendly’ radio and recording

EXCLUSIVE: She’s been singing #1 songs since she was a teenager, but Jaci Velasquez now finds herself with new inspirations in her music, as the co-host of the Family Friendly Radio Show and, most importantly, as a mother. Velasquez will be in Brandon, Florida for a “specialty” event this weekend bringing 16 #1 singles, 7 […]


Dwayne Boyd takls ‘Walking Dead’ ‘Hunger Games’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’

EXCLUSIVE: Dwayne Boyd may not be a familiar name, but it’s very likely he’s been on many of your favorite shows or in your favorite films. Boyd has pursued an acting career after his seven years in the US Army and he’s landed roles in The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, Sleepy Hollow, Parental Guidance […]


Brandon Chase talks ‘The Voice,’ Blake Shelton, his new album and testimony

EXCLUSIVE: Brandon Chase may be a popular name after appearing on season 5 of The Voice, but his career is just kicking into overdrive with the release of his debut single “One” earlier this month. Now Chase spoke with Dispatch Radio in a new interview to discuss the song, his upcoming album, reflect on The […]


Sarah Simmons takls ‘The Voice,’ her new album, meeting celebs

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Simmons has made a name for herself when she appeared on season 4 of The Voice. Sarah took out time to speak with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio to talk about the show, making her new album and her journey since the show. Sarah wasn’t familiar with popular show, “didn’t even have cable” when […]

John Gammon talks ‘The Middle’ season 5, Trash Can kiss song, Darrin and Sue

Exclusive: ABC’s The Middle just aired their 100th episode and actor John Gammon took time to discuss with The Global Dispatch the show, his character, season 5 and some of his interests. “We just had our 100th episode which means syndication and everybody’s real happy about it,” Gammon began. The Middle centers on the Midwestern […]


Director Daric Gates previews ‘The Appearing,’ the cast and his love of thrillers

Early screenings through Tugg.com of The Appearing are occurring across the country. Director Daric Gates took time away from his Illinois showing to speak with The Global Dispatch about the film. “The theme of the film stems from James 1 which talks about human beings being lured and enticed by our own desires. So we […]

tenth-avenue-north band photo

Tenth Avenue North drummer, Jason Jamison, talks Winter Jam, music and watching ‘Cinderella’

The Winter Jam tour is in full swing across on west coast and Tenth Avenue North drummer Jason Jamison took time out to discuss the tour, Rock the Universe and family time with The Global Dispatch. “Interesting,” Jamison began, describing the tour, famous for sell out arena crowds. “There are so many great things and things […]


Michael Anderson, Building 429, talks Winter Jam, ‘Where I Belong’ and ‘Inception’

The Winter Jam tour is in full swing across the west coast, playing in Oregon and California this weekend. Michael Anderson from Building 429 took time out to talk about the tour and other topics with The Global Dispatch. “This is really awesome,” Anderson began as he described what it was like to be on […]

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