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Alan Powell previews ‘The Song,’ promises a new Anthem Lights album

Anthem Lights frontman Alan Powell takes center stage in a new faith-based film titled The Song, inspired by the Song of Solomon. Powell previewed the film, his role and returning to the studio with Anthem Lights in an exclusive interview on Dispatch Radio.

Alan Powell as Jed in "The Song"

Alan Powell as Jed in “The Song”

Jed (Powell) is the son of Rock star David King and struggles to find his own identity. When Jed surrenders to Christian living and finds the love of his life, an truly inspirational song catapults his career into super-stardom. With fame comes temptation and just as Solomon in the Bible struggled and fell, so does Jed.

“Jed is living the shadow of his Dad” facing the “struggle of ‘world versus faith and family,” Powell explains.

Powell discusses how this powerful tale will resonate with audiences and ventures into territories uncommon in many faith-based films: the allure of alcohol, drugs and sex. “Pop culture has become a primary voice to talk about sex,” making Christians feel like “sex is dirty” and something to be “ashamed of” instead of communicating God’s true purpose.

Alan Powell portraitAs a professional musician, Alan is also very transparent about real-life comparisons and challenges. The film production was grueling “17-18 hours…with 5-6 hours off…day after day.” Alan confessed he was “emotionally exhausted,” but “loved every second.”

As mentioned above, Anthem Light hopefully will drop their new album soon and Powell addresses a possible timeline during the interview.

Check out the full interview below.

Ali Faulkner, Caitlin Nicol-Thomas and Danny Vinson co-star.

The Song opens in theaters on September 26, 2014.

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