Author Brian Godawa previews ‘Chronicles of the Nephilim: David Ascendant’ | Dispatch Interviews

Author Brian Godawa previews ‘Chronicles of the Nephilim: David Ascendant’

Author Brian Godawa has added another chapter in his Chronicles of the Nephilim series with the new book titled David Ascendant.

Brian-GodawaGodawa spoke with Dispatch Radio the seventh book in the series, beginning with the inspiriing verse in Genesis to his fascination with these Giants and he melds fantasy with the Biblical accounts in the vein of C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien.

Brian outlines key Bible verses and how David Ascendant expands on the life of these Philistines, Goliath and his brothers (noting some are named in scripture) and dealing with David directly.

Godawa talks about using historical fiction to tell a thelogical story and not ignore strange things – e.g. Lion Men of Moab.

He explains his approach to take the Biblical account and create a back story, or a extension of the historical facts, to create an entertaining and engaging work ending with David’s rise to be king.

Brian concludes with a preview of Jesus Triumphant, centering on Christ as the final Victor and his descent into hell or the underworld.

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