Author Connie Wetzell Discusses Her New Book ‘The You Plan’ And Surviving Divorce | Dispatch Interviews

Author Connie Wetzell Discusses Her New Book ‘The You Plan’ And Surviving Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most devastating events in our lives if we are unfortunate enough to have to endure it. Co-authors Michelle Borquez and Connie Wetzell deal with this very topic in their new book The YOU Plan: A Christian Woman’s Guide for a Happy, Healthy Life after Divorce.

The-YOU-Plan-A-Christian-Womans-GuideWetzell took time to discuss the book and explore the topics deeper during an interview with The Global Dispatch.

“I think any woman, in any walk of life, at any age could gleam something from this book,” Wetzell states at explains how the principles are much, much broader in impact that just for divorcees.

Of course, nothing is held back as the book tackles issues of acceptance, forgiveness, dating, sex, money…

“When you go through a divorce, every single thing in your life changes. Nothing remains the same,” she says. “When you divorce your spouse, it’s not only them but it’s their family. You are not seeing their family anymore. The whole dynamic of your life changes when you go through a divorce.”

Just as in the book, Wetzell is blunt yet caring, honest and optimistic. The YOU Plan doesn’t hold back and the interview reveals that Wetzell is using her own testimony and life experiences to help lift others out of despair and dysfunciton.

Check out the full interview below.

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