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Brian Scannell on ‘The Wolves of Savin Hill’ and talks Ben Affleck, ‘Gone Baby Gone’

The Wolves of Savin Hill posterTalking with Dispatch Radio in an exclusive interview, actor Brian Scannell discussed his new film The Wolves of Savin Hill while reflecting on his work on films The Town, Gone Baby Gone, The Pineapple Express and working with Ben Affleck.

Brian reviews the plot, promises lots of “not so good activity” as his character drags in others into a “tangled web.” Great locations, lots of great scenes and a great story turned the “short” into a great film.

He praised the cast: Jack McGee, Michael Massee, David Cooley and Paul Carafotes – “all great performances.”

Scannell has had great parts in Gone Baby Gone, The Town, auditioning at the last minute and had a ton of praise and stories about Ben Affleck, “brought opportunities” and “changes the trajectory of my career.”

He does reveal the back story and “origin” of his Gone Baby Gone’s character, Lenny, who spouts the Skippy jar remark.

Brian recounts great stories about the productions, credits the cast in The Pineapple Expresss, working with James Franco and Seth Rogan – “have a lot of fun on set.”

He gives an overview of other projects, producing and much more and the words of advice which still mean the world to him today.

Check out the full interview below.

Watch the full trailer for The Wolves of Savin Hill below

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