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Mike Perkins comic book creator

Mike Perkins discusses ‘The Stand’ comic, new graphic novel, coming to MegaCon

Mike Perkins is a Marvel comic book artist, who just completed the adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand”. Many fans will know Mike’s work on the “Death of Captain America” storyline or from the various covers he’s created for Marvel. Q: So, what’s the latest on “The Stand”? How many more issues do you have left on […]

The Action Bible

Sergio Cariello talks ‘The Action Bible,’ Batman, Lone Ranger, MegaCon Orlando

Sergio Cariello is a Brazilian born comic book artist who has worked on Batman titles, The Lone Ranger and the CrossGen lines as well as a comic book adaptation of the Bible called the Action Bible. He was in attendance at this month’s MegaCon in Orlando. BRANDON JONES: Sergio, let me start by thanking you […]

Bob Layton Iron Man Marvel Comics

Bob Layton talks Iron Man, Valiant and MegaCon Orlando

Bob Layton is a renown comic book creator, popular for his work on “Iron Man” and the Valiant Universe. Layton is a scheduled guest at this weekend’s MegaCon in Orlando and I was able to ask Bob a few questions to prime fans for that event. BRANDON JONES: Bob, thanks for your time, I really […]

Death of Superman issue 75

Dan Jurgens recalls Death of Superman, creating today and thoughts on other creators

Dan Jurgens is a famous comic book creator working on Teen Titans, Thor and countless DC comics. Jurgens is most popular for his work on Superman including the “Death of Superman” storyline. He is slated to appear at MegaCon later this month and I was fortunate to catch up with him for a few questions. […]


Jim Cummings interview: MegaCon 2014, voicing Scar in ‘Lion King,’ Ray in ‘Princess and the Frog’

The resume of voice actor Jim Cummings is too lengthy to do justice in this short article. Cummings heads to Florida this month for MegaCon in Orlando and spoke with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio about the fans, developing characters, singing in character and sharing several great stories. “Do the line” fans ask and “Folks are […]


Zondervan exec Chip Brown discusses ‘Messiah Origin’ and the impact of graphic novels

Origin is the first adventure in the Messiah graphic novel series translated exclusively from ancient Gospel manuscripts to present the Gospel in graphic novel format. Chip Brown, the Sr. VP of Zondervan, explained how the graphic novel popularity is key to this generation saying he thinks “….they are sort of the stained glass for this century.” Brown took out time to discuss with […]