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Cathryn de Prume talks ‘Wild,’ Reese Witherspoon, Jean-Marc Valle

Actress Cathryn de Prume previewed the new film Wild, starring alongside Reese Witherspoon from director Jean-Marc Valle. Cathryn began by talking about the shoot in Oregon and how the Dallas Buyers Club director set the mood.

CathryndePrume-1He used a lot of “natural light” to adapt the popular Cheryl Strayed novel. It has a “very documentary style,” Cathryn explains, noting the excitement about the creative process that is conveyed on set.

“She’s so simple and natural,” de Prume says of Witherspoon as she says she had keep “reminding myself we were acting.” Reese dons the backpack nicknamed the “Monster” for the 1100 mile trek, “bares body and soul” and didn’t wear makeup.

While briefly talking about her project Ask Me Anything, she does says there is a “surprising twist” with her character. The film stars Britt Robertson, Martin Sheen and Justin Long.

Cathryn talks about Tony Bill’s Five Corners with Jodi Foster and Tim Robbins, saying it was a “magical movie to work on.”

She confesses that many fans still approach her saying “OMG you were on True Blood” in which she played Warlow’s mother.

Cathryn closes out by previewing her idea for adapting her “one-woman show” based on her “eccentric family” into a TV show. The premise is based on her “unusual family” in Brooklyn, her mother from Russia and trying to grow up in this bizarre setting.

Check out the full interview below.


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