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Charles Agron discusses ‘Monday 1101 AM’

Charles Agron is an actor, writer, producer and his latest project is titled Monday at 11:01 AM starring Briana Evigan, Lance Henriksen, Lauren Shaw and Agron himself. Charles took out time to detail the film with Dispatch Radio, as well as discuss some broader aspects of filmmaking.

The film is “my homage to older films,” Agron says, as he begins to reveal his inspirations such as The Twilight Zone, The Shining or the works of Stanley Kubrick.

Charles AgronMonday at 11:01 AM follows Michael (Agron) and Jenny (Shaw) to a weekend getaway at a lovely resort town where each meet interesting and alluring characters.

She’s an “outstanding actress,” Charles says of Briana Evigan’s role as the sexy temptress, who “fit the role perfectly” and describes Henricksen’s “mysterious bartender” as a man who “knows good and knows bad” crediting the Aliens star as knowing what to bring to make the shady character come alive.

Charles teases fans with details about the film, the role of cult druid worshipers and what he hopes audiences come away with.

He then discusses going from producer and creator to actor by putting “trust in those…the team you put in charge” and advises aspiring filmmakers to “make a strnog product.”

Listen to the full interview below, packed with insights and advice that you certainly don’t want to miss.


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Full Synopsis: The film is a suspense thriller about Michael, who brings his girlfriend Jenny to a beautiful yet strange mountain town where everyone seems familiar. But he begins to see and hear things that no one else can. After many hallucinations and then losing sight of Jenny, Michael is brought to the brink of insanity. He finds himself frantically questioning what is real and what it isn’t.

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