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Christian Kane on ‘Librarians’ season 2, ‘Leverage,’ music tour

Christian Kane is very busy, headed into production for a second season of the popular TNT show The Librarians, and returned from a short music tour in London, heading to Missouri for shows later this month. Kane spoke with Brandon Jones of the Global Dispatch via Dispatch Radio, to discuss his aforementioned projects, staying busy, working on 50 to 1 with Skeet Ulrich, his time on Angel and much, much more.

“I gotta keep going 90 mph with my hands on fire,” Christian begins as an intro to an update on his shows in London. “We played three shows in London. I just had a blast…loved seeing the Kaniacs” and is headed to do Wizard World.

On Librarians, he talks about how “honors” his friendship with co-star Noah Wylie, recounts a successful cable movie with Tom Selleck as a lead-in to “making fun of himself” and “the first day on set I see Noah Wylie doing his act and in his performance he’s saying ‘It’s alright to make fun of yourself.”

Christian Kane twitter photoTNT hit show is headed to a second season, due to film again in Oregon, and Kane is excited about reuniting with John Rogers and Dean Devlin (from Leverage): “I get to work with the same people all over again and that’s something special because you develop family…”

Kane elaborates, talking about working with Rebecca Romijn, saying “It’s absolutely different (than Leverage), but it’s a different show….different chemistry with all of these people.”

“Tim Hutton is my best friend,” Kane says of Leverage, missing the cast and crew from the popular show and then hints at details surrounding the rumored Leverage film.

Christian is an enthusiastic performer, loving each day (saying he’s like that “15-year-old” who has gotten his prayers answered) and talks fondly of all of his co-stars, projects (like Skeet Ulrich, William Devane on 50 to 1) and Angel.

“Angel is so much fun,” he says, thanking Joss Whedon and showing up on set to “kill your best friend…”

There are a ton of other projects discussed, Tinker, Heaven Sent, Trace Adkins recording his song Happy Man and of course, the upcoming concerts:

  • Saint Louis, MO   Hard Rock Cafe
  • Saint Louis, MO    America’s Center
  • Saint Louis, MO    America’s Center
  • Saint Louis, MO   America’s Center

Christian even jokes about getting us some ID4 sequel details from Dean Devlin. Below on the two YouTube clips mentioned: Christian performing in London and the “House Rules” video.

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Check out the full interview below.

Visit the official Christian Kane website:

Twitter: @ChristianKane01


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Christian Kane performing “Happy Man” in London

“House Rules” music video, directed by Leverage co-star Timohty Hutton:

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