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Dale Peterson on ‘Hello My Name is Frank,’ Garrett Brown and Tourette’s

Writer and director Dale Peterson is already getting praise for his new film Hello, My Name is Frank starring Garrett Brown, Rachel DiPillo, Hayley Kiyoko, Mary Kate Wiles, Travis Caldwell and Tess Harper. Peterson spoke with Brandon Jones of the Global Dispatch via Dispatch Radio about the film, screening at the Lido Live Theatre in Newport Beach, CA (16th Annual Newport Film Festival) and bring the topic of Tourette’s to the screen.

“Only ten percent of people with Tourette’s have the verbal tics, but it can be debilitating to people who have that,” Peterson says, explaining what he learned about the illness and how a documentary inspired the initial spark to dive into the topic.

Peterson reunites with Brown and details how the pair partnered again, how Garrett Brown prepared for the role: “He kinda on his own went off on his own working on this character and came to me” asking for the first shot at Frank.

“Working on the role for a year-and-a-half…” noting that his acting coach, Larry Moss, proved to be instrumental.

Described as The Wizard of Oz meets Little Miss Sunshine and Rain Man, Hello, My Name is Frank is part road trip and part – a life changing coming of age movie. Dale promotes the movie through various stories, behind-the-scenes looks, praising the cast and of course, looks ahead to new projects.

Check out the full interview below.


Official Synopsis: Hello, My name is Frank, is a funny and poignant tale about Frank, a man with Tourette Syndrome who is faced with the harsh realities of the world when his caregiver dies. Upon the caregiver’s death, a despondent Frank reluctantly embarks on a road trip with the caregiver’s teenage daughter and friends, who are worried about leaving Frank alone. Through their road trip adventures, Frank and his teenage companions evolve and grow into their own.

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  1. Brandon Goode says:

    This movie was filmed down the road from my house, and it looks really good. I was wondering when it will be released, as I can’t seem to find any information on the release dates.

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