Daniel McAdams discusses Middle East conflicts, Egypt, Syria, Benghazi | Dispatch Interviews

Daniel McAdams discusses Middle East conflicts, Egypt, Syria, Benghazi

There is so much going on in the Middle East and many of the politicians in Washington are pointing foreign policy in particular directions.

Image/W123 at Wikimedia Commons

Image/W123 at Wikimedia Commons

Meanwhile, as Anthony Weiner dominates the headlines, much of the media is barely touching some of the things happening in the halls of Congress and it has to make you wonder.

On the August 3 airing of Dispatch Radio, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Executive Director, Daniel McAdams discessed the events happening in Iran, Syria, Egypt and Benghazi, and the questionable things coming out of Washington.


Here are some of the stories discussing during the interview:

The House of Representatives vote on Iran sanctions on the eve of Hassan Rohani’s presidential inauguration, Sen Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) saber rattling wanting war, the “classified” Senate hearings over arming the Syrian rebels, Egypt leadership shakeup and military coup and new revelations on the “phony scandal” in Benghazi including CIA polygraphing.

McAdams also explained what non-interventionism is and differentiates it from isolationism and the work going on at the Institute.

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