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Danielle Vasinova interview: ‘Belle’s War’ ‘White Trash Noir’ ‘To Hell With a Bullet’

DanielleVasinova-3From To Hell With a Bullet to White Trash Noir, Danielle Vasinova has an incredibly hot resume of works right now. She is the model behind Belle’s War which is growing from comic books to video game to TV series and beyond.

Danielle took out time to talk with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio about the roles, what’s ahead and what it’s like being transformed into an action figure during a new interview.

“She’s more Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones,” Vasinova says of Belle, noting her sword and gun training. Vasinova was the look which inspired Belle in the popular Image comic book 13 Chambers.

Working with Ed Asner, body scans and a line of perfume and tequila – all topics as well: “Tequila in a teacup”

Vasinova revealed that the success of White Trash Noir at film festivals has spawned support to develop the project into a full feature film.

Check out the full interview below.

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