Director Jaco Booyens previews ‘8 Days’ and human trafficking crisis | Dispatch Interviews

Director Jaco Booyens previews ‘8 Days’ and human trafficking crisis

A new independent film titled 8 Days centering on the human trafficking crisis in America and director Jaco Booyens spoke with Dispatch Radio about the film, the challenge of bringing the realism to the screen and what fans should expect.

8-Days-movie-poster“You think those things don’t happen in the US,” Booyens says of human trafficking and the crisis in America. “…the problem of minor and child sex trafficking is more prevelant in the United States than any where else in the world,” he says, contrasting the crisis with his experiences, particularly migrating here from South Africa. “That was a shocker.”

Jaco recounts the tragedy of his own sister being trafficked and how recovery was achieved before offering a message to America.

“There is a crime and an epidemic in our midst, that blows in like a mist. People don’t see it, they don’t know about it ,so it’s impossible to protect our youth from a crime that parents don’t even know is real.”

The film centers on a suburban girl abducted at a party, betrayed by one of her closest friends and subjects her on a nightmarish journey into prostitution that should horrify even American.

Jaco talks about the struggle to bring the reality to the screen, what his wife, the screenwriter of the film, endured to create the realism of this world and what he hopes audiences can learn.

“Your kid is not trafficked – Great! Now let’s fight for your neighbor’s kid and let’s fight for little Johnny in the fifth grade…let’s fight for each other’s kids.”

Truly and amazing film, so please consider checking it and supporting their efforts.

Check out the full interview below.

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