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Dr Ivan Eland discusses Ronald Reagan and his conservative legacy

From Michael Medved to Hugh Hewitt to the whole Fox News clan, plus unlikely bedfellows like Chris Matthews, former President Ronald Reagan is held on a pedestal as what conservatism is supposed to be.

Ronald-ReaganTo countless Republican politicians from all levels of government who, at least in words, some in deeds, Reagan is the man and they try to emulate the 40th President.

Several years ago, I published a blog post on the site, The Desk of Brian, and have since put it here, where I looked at some of the numbers related to the Reagan 8 years and was clearly not impressed.

I asked, “How did he become such a conservative icon?” The media? The Reagan spin machine?

During the past week I had the opportunity to ask Senior Fellow of the Independent Institute, Dr. Ivan Eland, “How conservative was Ronald Reagan?” The interview aired on the Saturday, Nov.16  Dispatch Radio show. (Listen below).

I asked Eland specifically about President Reagan concerning entitlements, taxes, regulation and limited government.

We also delved into Reagan’s foreign policy, the Cold War and Iran Contra.

Not quite the “conservative” picture presented on cable news and conservative talk radio day in and day out.

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