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Ian McCormack interview: ‘The Perfect Wave,’ box jellyfish attack and Jesus Christ

The Perfect Wave is headed back to theaters with special screenings across the country. Centering on the life journey and amazing testimony of Ian McCormack, The Perfect Wave is a truly gripping faith-based film.

The-Perfect-Wave-movie-posterSpeaking with Dispatch Radio in an exclusive interview, Ian detailed the real life events, his death and experience, which are translated on film.

Scott Eastwood (“Gran Torino,” “Flags of Our Fathers”), Rachel Hendrix, (“October Baby”) and Cheryl Ladd (“Charlie’s Angels”) headline the cast which brings Ian’s remarkable journey to the big screen. McCormack traveled the world surfing the greatest waves, but has a tragic accident where he is stung by box jellyfish and dies. Ian’s experience, the voice her heard and the prayers of his Christian mother are key to a life-changing event.

Ian offers tons of praise for the cast, revealing how his parents have responded and how the creative process developed.

During the interview Ian explains the voice of Jesus, the face of Jesus and what the experience “looked like” and how that impacted his life, 33 years after the incident.

Check out the full interview below.

For additional information on “The Perfect Wave” please go to http://www.theperfectwavefilm.com, and for a complete list of screening locations, please visit http://www.tugg.com/titles/the-perfect-wave.

For our review of the film: HERE

The audio was edited due to technical issues, the context was maintained to ensure the integrity of the actual interview – BBJ, The Dispatch

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