Jason Roy, Building 429, talks Winter Jam 2015, writing music | Dispatch Interviews

Jason Roy, Building 429, talks Winter Jam 2015, writing music

Winter Jam, the Christian music tour featuring ten bands for ten dollars, is back and Building 429 frontman Jason Roy previews the tour with Dispatch Radio.

“It’s the most electric venue that I’ve even been in,” Jason says of the packed arena for Winter Jam. He compares it to Duke basketball or Kentucky basketball “rocking” and strive to make the night feel intimate.

building_429_photo_2013Winter Jam 2015 features Skillet, Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli, Building 429, Family Force 5, Newsong, Veridia, Blanca, About a Mile and speaker Tony Nolan.

Jason Roy details how Newsong works with the artist to put the show together, revealing he and the band have been working on their 20-minute set for months.

He talks about “Jam Church” and picks out what he’d like to lead worship with and how he continues to create music.

“I’m an ADD guy,” Roy says as he explains his writing process, turning it off and shutting it down before turning “it” back over to the Lord.

Jason talks about the “brotherhood” he feels for his bandmates and shares an enormous amount of enthusiam and excitement to bring the Lord’s music to the masses.

Check out the full interview below.

Find a location or date at the jamtour.com site.

Visit the official Building 429 website: http://www.building429.com/

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