Judge Joe Brown talks crime in America, his contempt case, 2016 candidates | Dispatch Interviews

Judge Joe Brown talks crime in America, his contempt case, 2016 candidates

The hard hitting Judge Joe Brown took out time to talk with Dispatch Radio and as expected, doesn’t hold back on tough topics. Taking aim at the corruption in courts, racial tensions, his contempt case and a new show are all run through with a passion and intensity that has embodied the Judge’s long career.

Reflecting on his arrest and brief time in jail on contempt charges, Brown explains the case, the corruption and backstabbing: “I’ve always been a person who stood up to injustice,” he begins.

Judge Joe Brown

Judge Joe Brown

The Shelby County “unjust” group is under “edict right now” and Brown details how he was caught in the middle of a case gone wrong. He lays out the details of the case, how a woman asked him to take a look at her child support case and how he felt compelled to help her, going before a judge on her behalf.

“This is the worst, most racist, discriminatory operation, the justice department have ever investigated,” he says, never holding back a detail.

His time in jail fueled a stronger passion and has given him a louder voice to speak out about the problems with the justice system, how big problems in education impact folks for years and years later. Judge Joe Brown targets the DOJ, Memphis and Tennessee lawyers, judges and the politicians.

“Take a real close look at what these politicians are really saying,” he instructs listeners and readers, pointing out the ploys to gain power, but never help the American people out of the depths of their sorrow.

The Judge gives instructions for voters: “listen to 2016 candidates,” never targeting one party over the other. “…this country hasn’t paid enough attention to making sure everybody has a job…”

Judge Brown promises that plans are in the works for a 2016 show, titled True Verdict, a project moving ahead to heighten the voice and capture the passion that this 68-year-old magistrate feels called to do.

Check out the full interview below.

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