Mark Hall talks ‘Casting Crowns’ album ‘Thrive’ and book, subtitled ‘Digging Deep Reaching Out’ | Dispatch Interviews

Mark Hall talks ‘Casting Crowns’ album ‘Thrive’ and book, subtitled ‘Digging Deep Reaching Out’

casting crowns thrive album coverThe lead singer of Casting Crowsn, Mark Hall, wrote a new book to accompany their new album, Thrive. Hall discusses the book and their album with The Global Dispatch during an exclusive interview.

“All of our songs have come out of things we are teaching,” Hall explains referring to his Bible study at his church. Thrive is the name of their student ministry “To thrive as a believer is to dig in and dig deep and reach out…” inspiring the striking image on the cover of their album and the tagline on his book: Thrive: Digging Deep, Reaching Out.

“You can’t hang fruit. Fruit doesn’t hang. Fruit comes out. A lot of times if my root system isn’t in, if I’m not getting into the word for myself, digging into the word helps God tell you who you are and God tell you who He is,” Hall explains as he just the first part of a discussion about how the books expands and complements the album.

Thrive will feature 12 new tracks and land in stores in January, 2014 with Hall’s book arriving in February.

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Listen to the full interview below as Mark Hall expands on the book, his motivations and inspirations.

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