Mark Pellegrino talks ‘The Returned’ ‘Lost’ ‘Supernatural’ ‘Being Human’ | Dispatch Interviews

Mark Pellegrino talks ‘The Returned’ ‘Lost’ ‘Supernatural’ ‘Being Human’

While promoting his new show on A&E, Mark Pellegrino discussed many of his other projects during his interview on Dispatch Radio. Pellegrino stars on The Returned, which debuts on March 9.

Pellegrino reunites with Lost creator Carlton Cuse and here talks about the ending and fan reaction to the finale which he found “Perfect” saying that “It didn’t have to wrap everything up…maybe shouldn’t wrap everything up” and explains why.

Sam Witwer Mark Pellegrino Being Human photoMark has a legacy on these shows and talks about the Netflix factor, reaching new generations and that’s a way of “achieving immortality” and “connect with people.”

On The Tomorrow People, he played Jedikiah and he begins to compare several of these characters, how they have him “analyze” perspectives in his own life.

Billy Burke on Revolution, the close friendship with Sam Witwer on Being Human, working through a mysterious tension with Michael C. Hall on Dexter – Pellegrino shares amazing and personal stories.

Mark openly talks about his “wrestling” with his philosophy, away from spirituality, explaining why. This connects strongly to the fan support/reaction to Supernatural and “I’m really into that…talk with one another,” he says, referring to the comic-con crowd.

Additionally, Pellegrino has a memorable role on Big Lebowski and credits the Coen Brothers, talks about working with Jim Caviezel, Ashley Judd and many others, all the way back to his start on LA Law as a “punk” and Doogie Howser MD as a “dude.”

Check out the full interview below.

Visit the official webpage on A&E:

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