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Mehgan Heaney-Grier talks ‘Treasure Quest Snake Island’ on Discovery Channel

Dive Master and Women’s Diver’s Hall of Fame member Mehgan Heaney-Grier previewed Discovery Channel’s new adventure series: Treasure Quest: Snake Island.

Talking with Dispatch Radio in an exclusive interview, Mehgan talks about the appeal of the show, how there is a historical and archaeological significance to the show and the search for the “Treasure of the Trinity.”

“…It’s got the adventure, it’s got plenty of snakes and danger mixed in with and it’s also got a historical and educational component as well,” she says, claiming that the show has “something for everbody.”

Treasure Quest Snake Island Discovery ChannelMehgan talked about the challenge for expedition leader Cork Graham, juggling all of the “alpha personality and most involved confessions of being the female among the male dominated crew.

“It’s really a dynamic group,” she explains. “It’s a grand adventure…there are times I think when Cork has his hands full…” detailing why.

Check out a teaser for the show blow.

Mehgan has always had a passion for environmental and marine

Check out the full interview below.

TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND, an all-new series premieres Friday, July 17, at 10 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel

Synopsis from the show’s press release:

Hidden somewhere off the south eastern coast of Brazil, could lie hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of lost Incan gold. For 400 years, many have searched, fought and died looking for this elusive bounty. But all have failed to hold onto it.

TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND will take viewers along an epic journey with an elite team of treasure hunters who have a new theory on where the treasure lies – a remote spot home to 1,000s of deadly vipers.


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