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Mike Perkins discusses ‘The Stand’ comic, new graphic novel, coming to MegaCon

Mike Perkins comic book creatorMike Perkins is a Marvel comic book artist, who just completed the adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand”. Many fans will know Mike’s work on the “Death of Captain America” storyline or from the various covers he’s created for Marvel.

Q: So, what’s the latest on “The Stand”? How many more issues do you have left on the title?

MIKE PERKINS: The Stand is completely wrapped up now. I finished the 31st issue at the very beginning of December. In fact – the final hardback collection was released mid-February.

Q: Any thoughts on Ben Affleck and the adaptation of “The Stand” to film?

PERKINS: I’m quite looking forward to it.  Looking at Mr. Affleck’s directorial resume you can see that he loves character pieces…and The Stand is definately a character piece.  I’m hoping for a cameo…perhaps as a Captain Trips victim.  No make-up required!

Q: Last we spoke at the Tampa Comic Con, you began working with George Perez on a Teen Titans graphic novel. What are your thoughts on how that turned out?

PERKINS:  I always enjoy working with George and would love to do so again at some point.  I think the Graphic Novel of Games is a beautiful production and I’m glad to have been a part of something that I loved when I was a little nipper!

Mike Perkins and some of the prints available at the Tampa Comic Convention Photo/Brandon Jones

Q: You appeared at MegaCon in Orlando which is a crazy scene for comic fans. How do you juggle doing sketches or requests for fans?

PERKINS:  I just sit down there and try to be there for the fans.  I’ll take on a certain amount of sketches over the weekend and tell the commissionees to go and enjoy the show rather than queuing up for a couple of hours in order to await there turn.

Q: Your blog “Perky Posts” is a great way for fans to touch base with you, anything else we can expect from Mike Perkins in 2012?

PERKINS: I wish I had more time for PerkyPosts but I’ve been so inundated with work that it goes to the backburner. It’s much more important for me to get product out there! In March you can pick up Astonishing X-Men #48 – the first issue of my open ended run. collaborating with Marjorie Liu and colorist Andy Troy.

BBJ: Wow, thanks Mike. I can’t wait to find out more about “Astonishing X-Men” (which lands in comic shops at the end of March.) Let’s talk about that soon.

MIKE PERKINS: Excellent!

Please find out more about Mike, his artwork and purchase art at Mike’s website: http://www.mikeperkinsart.com/

Mike’s Blog Perky Posts can be found here: http://perkyposts.blogspot.com/



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