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‘Noah’ Movie review: As promised, it’s not a Biblical movie, but worse – it’s not a good movie

Director Darren Aronofsky promised his film Noah would not be a “very religious story” and he certainly didn’t disappoint in that regards. Later Aronofsky attempted to clarify his statements, attempting not to alienate Evangelical viewers, saying “I think people who are believers will see the ideas and the values that they’re looking for represented in the film…” – more on that HERE.

Will Russell Crowe and 'Noah' help or hurt other Hollywood adaptations from the Bible?

Will Russell Crowe and ‘Noah’ help or hurt other Hollywood adaptations from the Bible?

Now Noah Primeval author Brian Godawa shares his thoughts with Brandon Jones of The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio on the film, critiquing the positives and negatives, especially for Christians skeptical of Aronofsky’s final product. Listen to their previous discussion which preceded the film’s release HERE

Check out the full interview below.

The film centers on Noah and his family as the earth has been devastated by mankind. Industrialization resulted in a scorched earth filled with desperate humans who behave like locusts, turning to cannibalism. The Creator communications with Noah, who then joins with the fallen angels condemned to earth called The Watchers.

The Watchers are giant CGI rock creatures who take the lead on constructing the ark in preparation of the coming flood.

If we add  in some animals, a creation tale tainted with an evolutionary theme and Methuselah, the audience will be taken on a journey which offers no other real connections to scripture.

Aronofsky distorts the message of the Bible, which is clearly stated by Noah when he says The Creator is attempting to re-create the “world without man” instead of a “world without sin.” In fact, the creators of this film view sin through an extremely narrow lense referring back to Cain murdering Abel and tying the man’s destruction of the earth to God’s (sorry, The Creator’s) wrath.

Even when Noah is drunk lying naked and is discovered by his son Ham, it message of sin from scripture is not the theme, just a drunk man who needs to be covered by sons who shield their eyes.

Godawa is much more forgiving of the creative liberties than I, but we both agree the film is simply not a good film. There is no magnificent CGI presentation of the flood and Noah is a psychopath who develops a “pro-animal” and “anti-human” obsession which results with his planned murder of the family.

Russell Crowe does a fine job as the title character with Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson turning in great “crying scenes.” Ray Winstone’s fictionalized ark stowaway, Tubal-Cain, may be the best performance in the film. The Watchers are just horrible, having me yearn for Peter Jackson – more on that in the video.

Overall Noah receives 2 ouf 5 stars.

If you don’t know or care about the Biblical version, then the film will likely be more appealing for you. If you a PETA supporter or a devout environmentalist, then this is REALLY a film you will enjoy.

Visit Brian’s website – http://www.godawa.com
Here’s the Noah Primeval book –http://www.godawa.com/chronicles_of_the_nephilim/noah_index.html (You can get a copy via Amazon HERE)
Here’s the Hollywood Worldviews book – http://www.amazon.com/Hollywood-Worldviews-Watching-Wisdom-Discernment/dp/0830823212

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