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Maximiliano Hernandez talks Agent Sitwell, ‘Captain America The Winter Soldier’ and ‘the twist’

EXCLUSIVE: Marvel fans are familiar with Agent Sitwell, played by Maximiliano Hernandez, who is at the epicenter of the “big twist” in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (and the overlapping storyline on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) Hernandez spoke with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio about getting the role at Sitwell, the “fun” and complex world of […]


‘Noah’ Movie review: As promised, it’s not a Biblical movie, but worse – it’s not a good movie

Director Darren Aronofsky promised his film Noah would not be a “very religious story” and he certainly didn’t disappoint in that regards. Later Aronofsky attempted to clarify his statements, attempting not to alienate Evangelical viewers, saying “I think people who are believers will see the ideas and the values that they’re looking for represented in […]


Carrie Preston talks ‘True Blood’ season 7, Arlene’s love interest, ‘The Good Wife’ and Morgan Freeman

EXCLUSIVE: Carrie Preston has built an amazing resume of late with her reoccurring role on True Blood, an Emmy award nominated performance on The Good Wife as well as great performances on The Following and Person of Interest. Additionally, Preston can be seen in the upcoming film Life Itself, co-starring alongside Morgan Freeman and Diane […]


Kevin Sorbo discusses ‘God’s Not Dead,’ standing up to atheist assertions and supporting faith based films

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Sorbo will likely be remember forever for his role in Hercules, a breakout role in an incredibly successful show, but Sorbo’s resume continues to grow. Sorbo’s latest film is God’s Not Dead and took out time to speak with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio about the film, the powerful message and his other projects. […]


Michel Gill discusses ‘House of Cards’ playing the POTUS, Kevin Spacey, joins ABC’s ‘Dangerous Liason’ pilot

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix made a big play in entertainment when they partnered with David Fincher and Kevin Spacey to develop House of Cards. Now the risk seems like a “no-brainer” and star Michel Gill talks with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio about the show, playing President Walker, the cycle for a villain like Frank Underwood and some […]


Shane Harper talks ‘God’s Not Dead,’ lessons from ‘Good Luck Charlie’ and a new album

EXCLUSIVE: Shane Harper is mostly recognized by his music and the role of Spencer on the popular sitcom Good Luck Charlie. Shane is also starring in God’s Not Dead, a new film co-starring Kevin Sorbo, Dean Cain, David A.R. White and directed by Harold Cronk. Shane talked with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio about the film, […]


Jeffrey Hornaday interview: ‘Teen Beach Movie,’ making the musical, working with Michael Jackson, Madonna

EXCLUSIVE: While Jeffrey Hornaday may be forever remember as the choreographer on Flashdance, Dick Tracy and Captain Eo, Hornaday is now building a legacy directing successful TV movies on the Disney Channel. In fact, Teen Beach Movie earned Hornaday his second DGA nomination. The director and choreographer broke away from his schedule to discuss this […]


Jenn Gotzon talks ‘Doonby’ ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ and even Ron Howard, ‘Frost/Nixon’

Actress Jenn Gotzon has been building a long list of films on her resume since her breakout opportunity in Frost/Nixon. Working on faith-based and family films, Gotzon stars in Doonby, God’s Country, Alone Yet Not Alone, just to name a few. Jenn broke away from her busy schedule to speak to The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio […]


Rebecca Da Costa talks ‘The Bag Man,’ working with Robert De Niro, John Cusack

Famous Brazilian model turned actress Rebecca Da Costa discussed her latest film, The Bag Man, with The Global Dispatch. “It was mindblowing,” she says of working with her co-stars Robert De Niro and John Cusack. Adding more details of their personalities and helping her as an actress, Da Costa details an improv moment on set which […]


Austin Basis talks ‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2, J.T., what’s ahead and season 3

The CW’s hit show Beauty and the Beast is riding high during its second season, winning two People’s Choice Awards. Star Austin Basis talking about the show, the recent episodes and looked ahead to a possible third season during an interview with The Global Dispatch. Basis begins by discussing the complex plot twists from recent […]


Love & the Outcome Interview: Winter Jam 2014, life on tour and their next single

Love & The Outcome has exploded onto the Christian music scene with their hit He Is With Us and not they are part of the Winter Jam 2014 tour. Jodi King and Chris Rademaker broke away from the 2014 Winter Jam tour to discuss the music, working with the other top Christian artists and even […]


Scott Elrod talks ‘Home Run,’ casting in ‘Argo’ ‘Lone Survivor’ and appearing on ‘Anger Management’

EXCLUSIVE: Actor Scott Elrod, who starred in 2013’s Home Run, spoke with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio about his role in the film as well as his parts in Argo and Lone Survivor. “I always look forward to a good challenge and I think it’s something  unfortunately so many people can relate to,” Elrod says of the […]

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