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Adrian Wyllie

Adrian Wyllie talks Florida governor’s race, shift towards Libertarian ideals

The recent poll on the Florida governor race showed Charlie Crist ahead of Rick Scott 41-29% with an unlikely candidate in third: Adrian Wyllie. At 8.7% Libertarian candidate Wyllie appears to be surging in the polls. He took time out to discuss the campaign, race and appeal to both parties during an interview with Dispatch […]


Susan MacMaunus discusses political races, Libertarians may be spoilers

The most recent poll detailing an early opinion on the Florida governor race revealed Charlie Crist leading Rick Scott 41-29% with libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie third with nearly 9%. USF professor Susan MacManus discussed several races and this poll on Dispatch Radio, offering her assessment. LISTEN BELOW “Again what you saw that poll was anybody […]


Daniel McAdams discusses Middle East conflicts, Egypt, Syria, Benghazi

There is so much going on in the Middle East and many of the politicians in Washington are pointing foreign policy in particular directions. Meanwhile, as Anthony Weiner dominates the headlines, much of the media is barely touching some of the things happening in the halls of Congress and it has to make you wonder. […]

The Action Bible

Sergio Cariello talks ‘The Action Bible,’ Batman, Lone Ranger, MegaCon Orlando

Sergio Cariello is a Brazilian born comic book artist who has worked on Batman titles, The Lone Ranger and the CrossGen lines as well as a comic book adaptation of the Bible called the Action Bible. He was in attendance at this month’s MegaCon in Orlando. BRANDON JONES: Sergio, let me start by thanking you […]

Bob Layton Iron Man Marvel Comics

Bob Layton talks Iron Man, Valiant and MegaCon Orlando

Bob Layton is a renown comic book creator, popular for his work on “Iron Man” and the Valiant Universe. Layton is a scheduled guest at this weekend’s MegaCon in Orlando and I was able to ask Bob a few questions to prime fans for that event. BRANDON JONES: Bob, thanks for your time, I really […]

Death of Superman issue 75

Dan Jurgens recalls Death of Superman, creating today and thoughts on other creators

Dan Jurgens is a famous comic book creator working on Teen Titans, Thor and countless DC comics. Jurgens is most popular for his work on Superman including the “Death of Superman” storyline. He is slated to appear at MegaCon later this month and I was fortunate to catch up with him for a few questions. […]

Tim Russ Star Trek

Tim Russ talks ‘Star Trek Voyager,’ ‘iCarly’ and charities

Tim Russ is famous in sci-fi and fanboy circles for his role as Lt. Commander Tuvok on “Star Trek: Voyager”. While Russ has made several other appearances in the sci-fi genre, he’s made a mark on kid’s shows like “iCarly” and “Good Luck Charlie”. He will be meeting fans and signing autographs at this months […]

Gil Gerard Buck Rogers banner

Gil Gerard talks ‘Buck Rogers’ remake, why the project failed

In the age of remakes and reboots, a Buck Rogers project would seem like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, after speaking with Erin Gray and Gil Gerard, I cannot offer fans any hope. “Buck Rogers Begins” was set to be an origin story as laid out in the comics, explaining how Lucas ‘Buck’ Rogers was propelled from […]

Dispatch with logline FB cover

Kevin Sorbo talks ‘What If’ Billy Graham, Christians in Hollywood

During MegaCon in Orlando I had the honor of spending a few moments with Kevin Sorbo, star of TV’s “Hercules” and “Andromeda.” After discussing several films from his long resume, including his upcoming film (“Soul Surfer” – opening April 8th), we shifted gears to a family film titled “What If”. Shying away from another film […]

Cindy Morgan Tron photo black white

Cindy Morgan talks ‘Tron’ ‘ Caddyshack’ and ‘Amazing Stories’

Cindy Morgan played two iconic characters in popular films Tron and Caddyshack. Additionally Morgan has a long list of roles in various television shows: Matlock, Falcon Crest, The Love Boat, The Fall Guy and Amazing Stories. Discussing her career with Dispatch Radio, Morgan began by discussing her role as Lori, Yori and the filming of […]

Ed Asner publicity photo

Ed Asner talks ‘The Games Maker,’ Lou Grant and other projects

EXCLUSIVE: Ed Asner is truly one of the greatest actors of all-time with an amazing resume of projects which have been integrated into Americana. From his Emmy Award winning performance as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and the spin-off Lou Grant, to the voice of Carl Fredricksen in Pixar’s Up, Asner has […]

moms_night_out movie poster

Director Jon Erwin talks ‘Mom’s Night Out,’ writing ‘Coffee Shop’

“October Baby” co-creator Jon Erwin previewed his next film with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio, detailing the new film “Mom’s Night Out.” “Mom’s Night Out” is a clean, fun mayhem film centering around the chaos of parenting and Erwin is hope ful that it will deliver laughs while touching and moving audiences. Sarah Drew (“Grey’s Anatomy”) […]

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