Pet expert Harrison Forbes talks Pet Expo, DNA testing to match pets to new owners | Dispatch Interviews

Pet expert Harrison Forbes talks Pet Expo, DNA testing to match pets to new owners

Fans may know Harrison Forbes from his Pet Talk Radio show or his book, Dog Talk, but Forbes is now the emcee on the Amazing Pet Expo, speaking out and explaining hte Wisdom Panel Swabathon tour.

Harrison-Forbes-Pet-expertDuring an interview with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio Forbes explain how the program works, beginning by saying “It’s not hard finding animals, but it’s finding the right one to fit your lifestyle.”

DNA testing of your dog can unravel the mystery of that ‘Heinz 57’ mutt or just simple insight into the dog’s genetic heritage.

“It’s a 10, 15 year commitment,” Forbes warns of the serious nature in choosing a pet. The Wisdom panel “…gets you a good indicator of the size and some of the temperament” traits in that puppy at the shelter.

Forbes details the benefits further, reveals more on his role as emcee at the Expo and reaching out the help people with pet issues, something that he’s passionate about.

Harrison speaks freely about the show, his own pets, Kelly Rippa getting his name wrong and enduring the cold weather at his home.

Check out the full interview below.

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