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Rick Delano on ‘The Principle’ and disproving Copernican Principle

Writer and producer of The Principle, Rick Delano spoke with Dispatch Radio about his new scientific documentary challenging the Copernican Principle and the ramifications of the film’s assertions.The Principle movie bannerDelano gives an overall view of the age old theory and how new information should rock the scientific community and fulfill the descriptions in the Bible. Could science have been wrong for hundreds of years? Yes, according to Delano and the experts in the new film The Principle.

The revolution put forth by Copernicus redefined Earth as “not special,” he says and this postulation is the “most powerful single idea” beyond the Gospel.

Delano gives an overview of the impact on science, what if God was right and how the film is being received. Check out the trailer below.

Check out the full interview below.

More information at ThePrincipleMovie.com

UPDATE: Note this posted was updated due to the falty recording of the audio. A full segment has now been re-uploaded to YouTube.

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