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Rick Hall talks Muscle Shoals music, new book, Aretha Franklin and more

The legend of Rick Hall, FAME Studios and Muscle Shoals music bursts into the mainstream with a new book by Hall, The Man from Muscle Shoals. Hall recounts his incredible resume of over 300 hit singles, over 40 Gold and Platinum records in his 400 page memoir.

Hall spoke with Dispatch Radio about the book, his life “from age six to fifty years later” and about the amazing journey, making music history.

The Man from Muscle Shoals Rick Hall book coverRick talks about the beginning in Alabama, producing Aretha Franklin’s first hit, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Paul Anka, Mac Davis, the Osmonds, Allman Brothers and the list goes on and on.

“They were cutting her wrong,” Rick says while recounting working with Aretha, tapping into her “church music” background and “We knew if we got close to a hit record…bring it through for us, and we were all about that session.”

Of course, the recording sessions had their bits of drama and Rick pulls no punches, sharing all sorts of stories – funny, embarrassing, stressful.

FAME Studios is the oldest studio in the world still operating under the same owner and Hall achievement had been captured in the documentary Muscle Shoals. 

From nothing to becoming “the big guy” and stories about the era/the time – racial tensions etc… were all part of the conversation of Rick’s talk with us. Amazingly, Rick reveals the challenges of pulling music together in the small town, making a hit record and enabling the music talent of each artist.

Check out the full interview below.

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