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Robert Davi talks Frank Sintra, love of music, movies and politics

Actor Robert Davi has tapped into his amazing musical talent by playing tribute to Frank Sinatra, up next at Foxwoods (more info below) and took out time to discuss his incredible entertainment career and the politics of the time with the Dispatch Radio show.

“I’m paying tribute to him,” Robert explains after discussing the legacy of Sinatra on tough issues like race and how he approached Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance. “This amalgam of the American experience is in this songbook…,” he adds, elaborating on the adaptive process and the power in the music.

Robert DaviDavi is headed to Foxwoods for a September 5th show and discusses incredible opportunities to sing at the United Nation, Washington DC and all over the world. He truly expands on his “love of the music” and his admiration of those performers like Sinatra.

Turning to serious themes, Davi’s articles on Breitbart, never holding back, and Robert doesn’t hold back here: talking about Donald Trump, 2016 politics, global warning and liberalism. He takes aim at the education system, pointing back to an age of communism in America, and calling out the disdain for Christianity from Hollywood.

You don’t want to miss it.

Davi’s face is well known from several big films, The Goonies, Die Hard, a villain in the James Bond film, License to Kill, The Iceman and many others. Saying very little, he does promise new exciting news for the upcoming Ronald Reagan biopic with David Henrie and Jon Voight titled Reagan. He has been cast to play Brezhnev.

Check out the full interview below.

Check out Robert Davi at The Fox Theaters at the Foxwoods Resort (or find a show near year as they get posted) – TICKETS INFO: Ticketmaster

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Twitter: @RobertJohnDavi

Check out Robert Davi’s post on Breitbart HERE

Robert Davi in The Goonies

Dispatch-Radio-Logo smaller

Robert Davi as Agent Johnson in "Die Hard"

Robert Davi as Agent Johnson in “Die Hard”

Robert Davi as Sanchez in "License to Kill"

Robert Davi as Sanchez in “License to Kill”

Robert Davi in "Doonby"

Robert Davi in “Doonby”

Robert Davi in "The Iceman"

Robert Davi in “The Iceman”

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