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Russ Russo previews ‘Catch Hell’ ‘The Projectionist’ and other projects

Ryan Phillippe’s directional debut opens today in theaters, Catch Hell, and one of the stars from the film, Russ Russo, talks about the film, what fans can expect and previews his other upcoming projects.

Russ RussoRusso is the director of the film “within the film” as the washed up actor Reagon Pearce (Phillippe) is kidnapped, blackmail and worse. Hacking into his Twitter account, Russ points out is a topic of interest, things get even worse. The film is also written by Phillippe and co-stars Joyful Drake (Let’s Stay Together), Tig Notaro and James DuMont.

Russo also talks about Ryan’s approach and being on set with James “Jimmy” DuMont.

The Projectionist is a film expected to have a limited release later this year and then be available wide via VOD and Russ talks about this “great” film where he plays an Iraq war vet suffering from PTSD.

He reflects on his father’s experience in Vietnam and having the “chance to play” was an experience with his “father in mind.”

Russ stars as Eduardo Manet in The Green Fairy alongside Linda Blair in a “fantasy film” with a “lot of green screen” and full of those popular fantasy elements.

Russo closes out a great interview with more about the inspiration and connection behind his role in The Projectionist. Russ had just reconnected with his father for the first time since he was five-years-old and the story is truly gripping.

Check out the full interview below.

Catch Hell opens today, October 10, in theaters while The Projectionist will be available for limited release before the 2015 VOD availability.

The Green Fairy also stars Mindy Robinson as the title character, Richard Grieco, Ashley Laurence and Roddy Piper with an anticipated 2015 release.

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