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Sam Shaw talks ‘Manhattan,’ creating season 1, costumes, set design and amazing cast

WGN is set to debut their new scripted show Manhattan, centering on the brilliant minds that came together in Los Alamos to create the atom bomb. Creator Sam Shaw set aside time to talk with The Global Dispatch’s Dispatch Radio about the show.

Manhattan-cast-photoUPDATE: Note that Manhattan airs at 9pm ET, not at 10pm as discussed in the interview.

Shaw details the creative process, what inspired his vision to bring 1943 Los Alamos to life and capture this time in American history. He then discusses the deeper themes, the show’s efforts to reveal the sacrifice by these individuals yet the rampant sexism and prejudices of the time.

Manhattan was picked up for a full season and the first two episodes serve as a “two hour premiere” in a “thirteen hour movie” instead of the traditional pilot loaded with a car chase and bizarre twist to ensure the network picks up the show.

Shaw talks about that impacting the storytelling process and how the cast has responded with amazing performances, surprising and impressing him. Manhattan also captures the time with detailed costuming and set designs, which truly amazed Shaw. Brandon and Sam have some fun and laughs, joking about a “tour” of the set as a tourist attraction.

Sam Shaw is an up and coming TV writer and Manhattan is a big step for audiences to take notice of his talents.

Check out the full interview.

Manhattan airs on WGN Sundays 9pm ET/8 pm CT

For more from WGN on their show, posters and details visit their page for Manhattan HERE

Manhattan stars John Benjamin Hickey, Olivia Williams, Ashley Zukerman, Rachel Brosnahan, Katja Herbers, Alexia Fast, Christopher Denham, Harry Lloyd, Michael Chernus and Daniel Stern.

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