Sarah Simmons takls ‘The Voice,’ her new album, meeting celebs | Dispatch Interviews

Sarah Simmons takls ‘The Voice,’ her new album, meeting celebs

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Simmons has made a name for herself when she appeared on season 4 of The Voice. Sarah took out time to speak with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio to talk about the show, making her new album and her journey since the show.

Sarah-Simmons-in-country-photo-283x300Sarah wasn’t familiar with popular show, “didn’t even have cable” when she got the chance to audition and ultimately performed “One of Us” for her blind audition – check out the video below.

She praises God before recounting that moment which had Adam Levine spinning around first, describing the excitement and trying to stay in the moment.

“Each performance I give I always want to give it my best and I always want to make sure I’m completely in that performance at that time…”

The journey after The Voice for Sarah was amazing from day one, joining the Boot Campaign’s Boot Ride and Rally with the cast from Sons of Anarchy and Marcus Luttrell the following week.

She describes her journey, meeting the some of the cast from Anarchy: Charlie Hunnam, Jimmy Smits…and sing for the The Real Housewives of Miami.

Simmons credits Twilight producer Marty Bowen and his effort to get her recording in Nashville, which also enabled her to meet her favorite singer: Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.

“I hope they’re not mean,” she confessed is the thought running through her head at the time. On Vedder she added: “He was the coolest guy ever.”

Sarah is truly excited and full of a passion and the interview brings out that inner love she has for singer and the gratefulness she expresses to God for putting her on this path.

NOTE: She even sent over some photos from this journey, which are a great behind-the-scenes look with some of these folks she’s encountered. You can check out more over at her Facebook page.

Check out the full interview below.

Twitter: @sarahsimmusic

Instagram: @sarahsimmonsofficial

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“Fall” on Itunes:
“Little Drummer Boy”:
Album coming this Spring!!!

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