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Sergio Cariello talks ‘The Action Bible,’ Batman, Lone Ranger, MegaCon Orlando

Sergio Cariello is a Brazilian born comic book artist who has worked on Batman titles, The Lone Ranger and the CrossGen lines as well as a comic book adaptation of the Bible called the Action Bible. He was in attendance at this month’s MegaCon in Orlando.

BRANDON JONES: Sergio, let me start by thanking you for your time. So, let me begin at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and graphic art which basically got you started at Marvel. How did all of this transpire?

SERGIO CARIELLO: In 1982, I found an ad about the school in an issue of Batman, issue # 350.

During my second year , at The Kubert School, I heard Marvel Comics was looking for Bullpen Letterers. Nobody at the school seemed interested in that…but I was!!!

I took my Hy Eisman’s lettering assignments to Marvel and got hired on the spot by Virginia Romita.

At Marvel, I had the chance of showing the editors I could also draw. Based on a caricature I did of Dave Sharpe, Pat Garrahy gave me Daredevil # 328 to pencil. Based on Dagon, Richard Ashford gave work on Marvel Comics Presents: “Spellbound”. I got so busy that I had to quit the Bullpen in order to meet my Deadlines.

Q: Now I’m going to go a little geek on you here because I am a huge fan of both Batman and Green Arrow. One of your earliest works was “Legends of the Dark Knight” (#127-131) with Denny O’Neil. Tell me about that project…what’s it like working on a single storyline like that and of course, working with O’Neill.

Daredevil 328, first Sergio Cariello pencils

CARIELLO: It’s like fulfilling a DREAM! Thrilling, exciting, exhilarating ! I really enjoyed drawing the series written by Denny. Batman is a favorite of mine to draw as well.

Q: You had a nice long run on Dynamite’s “The Lone Ranger”. What influenced you on such an iconic character? Was the concept art all conceived by you?

CARIELLO: Clint Eastwood’s movies, directed by Sergio Leone inspired me a great deal.

I was contacted by them to try it out. I did all the concept and interior art and submitted to writer Brett Matthews and cover artist John Cassaday for their review and any needed editing.

I did everything the way I thought it looked right TO ME first and THAT worked out well, for they picked me among having seen 20 other submissions.

John Cassaday had the title of Art Director for the series because originally John was contacted to do it but he did not have time to. So basically he acted as an editor along with Brett to oversee everything to make sure it shared their vision for the book. I’m glad i was right along their preferences for how all should be done.

Q: What are your thoughts on Disney’s “The Lone Ranger” film?

CARIELLO: Based on what I’ve heard and read, this film focus on Tonto’s point of view. It can be good if done well but I’d love to see a movie based on the series we did and more focused on the Lone Ranger and based in its original stories.

The Ranger and its fans deserve a serious and honorable adaptation of the legendary character.

Q: Let’s talk about the “Action Bible”. How did you decide on character designs? In my opinion, there is some great interpretations of some Biblical figures which can leave a lasting impression.

CARIELLO: As always I just go along with what it feels right at moment I’m drawing them, after bombarding my brain with enough references from other depictions of them done in movies, comics or paintings.

Q: Now I haven’t seen your follow-up “The Christ” with Keystone Media. Tell about that one.

CARIELLO: Nicely written by Ben Avery, the “Christ” tells the story of Jesus , based on scriptures, but adding the in between lines/events as Ben perceives it that could have been there but never told or shown to us. Ben uses his liberty in writing to share his own take on our Lord’s life, but keeping it faithful to the fundamentals.

Q: Okay, MegaCon…describe the experience and the insane crowds of crazy fans?

CARIELLO: Megacon is always fun!

Great seeing the crowds, the costumes, the fans, our peers.Very energizing place to keep in touch with old friends, make new ones, and interact with the fans, keeping this business we love alive!

Q: Most bizarre request from a fan?

CARIELLO: Draw the caricatures 3 of his friends, dressed in women’s clothing.

Sergio, let me thank you again for your time. Fans can get all sorts of updates and info at your website: or your blog

Laugh and live!


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