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Sheena Jongeneel on Uprise Wellness, the use of acupuncture and pilates

Uprise Pilates & Wellness Center is turning heads in California and co-founder and president, Sheena Jongeneel talked with Dispatch Radio about their unique combination of Pilates and Acupuncture.

Sheena begins by discussing her serious knee injury “in college…I was a dance major” transitioning into her own account of surgery and then how Pilates became an amazing form of rehabilitation, “back in ’93….before anybody heard of it.”

“It was phenomenal for rehab.”

Sheena Jongeneel Uprise Pilates & Wellness Center acupunctureSheena details the benefits of Pilates, “elonging the spine and getting the body back to realignment” – benefits which changed her life.

“Anyone can do pilates,” she says. “A physical therapist will focus just on the injured site, the site that had surgery or the site that needs the rehab” – just one part of the body, while Pilates “You are working the whole body while as your strengthening, working with that injured area. You are not neglecting the rest of the body.”

“The body works as a whole.”

She had begun studying the art of acupuncture during this time and soon coupled the Pilates and Acupuncture to discover shocking success.

Now Sheena offers both Pilates and Acupuncture to her clients at Uprise for better recuperation and strengthening from a wide variety of physical problems.

Check out the full interview below and reach out to her with questions or more information.

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