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Susan MacMaunus discusses political races, Libertarians may be spoilers

The most recent poll detailing an early opinion on the Florida governor race revealed Charlie Crist leading Rick Scott 41-29% with libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie third with nearly 9%.

Susan-McManus-USFUSF professor Susan MacManus discussed several races and this poll on Dispatch Radio, offering her assessment.


“Again what you saw that poll was anybody but the established party. It wasn’t the individual, the libertarian person himself because he isn’t well known, but what you saw in that was basically a protest vote against the two major parties.”

MacManus continued to explain how the libertarian candidates can play spoiler, peeling away voters from both parties.

Noting issues such as invasion of privacy and the NSA scandal “can resonate with younger voters” and a libertarian can be a “spoiler for both parties.”

Dr. MacManus detailed some local races from Florida, but noted how the congressional ratings, the low public opinion and media coverage “could mean the conditions would be ripe for a strong anti-incumbent year.”

The impact of Washington politics effects the turnout and attitudes towards State races, she added.

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