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Ali Faulkner interview: ‘The Song,’ working with Alan Powell, ‘Twilight Breaking Dawn’

Former Twlight actress Ali Faulkner is starring in the upcoming faith-based film The Song and spoke with Dispatch Radio about the film, role and bringing her character to life. Ali gives an overview of the film, Jed’s journey that is inspired by Solomon in the Bible. She plays Rose opposite Anthem Lights singer Alan Powell and details […]


Richard Ramsey previews ‘The Song,’ adapting Solomon from Bible, praises cast

Writer and director Richard Ramsey has produced The Song, inspired by the Biblical story of Solomon and his fall from grace. Jed (Powell) is the son of Rock star David King and struggles to find his own identity. When Jed surrenders to Christian living and finds the love of his life, an truly inspired song catapults […]