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Allen Maldenado

Allen Maldonado talks ‘The Equalizer’ Denzel Washington, ‘Black Jesus’

Actor Allen Maldonado is busy with several projects, including promoting the upcoming film The Equalizer, which stars Denzel Washington. Allen spoke to Dispatch Radio in an exclusive interview about playing Marcus, the young buck who antagonizes Washington’s character as well as many of his other roles. In The Equalizer, Allen playsthe wise-cracking co-worker of Robert […]


T.O.N.E.-z talks ‘Justified’ season 5, new song ‘Boom,’ music and the caucasian Dr Dre

T.O.N.E.-z is first ever rapper to be nominated for an Emmy Award with Long Hard Times To Come, the unforgettable theme song to the hit show Justified. His latest song, Boom, is featured in the Justified season 5 premeire – watch the video below. “It’s a nice jump off,” he says during an interview with […]