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Rick Delano on ‘The Principle’ and disproving Copernican Principle

Writer and producer of The Principle, Rick Delano spoke with Dispatch Radio about his new scientific documentary challenging the Copernican Principle and the ramifications of the film’s assertions.Delano gives an overall view of the age old theory and how new information should rock the scientific community and fulfill the descriptions in the Bible. Could science […]

I Dont have enough faith to be an atheist

Frank Turek talks Crossexamined.org, youth leaving church and proof of a Creator

The author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist was with The Global Dispatch’s Dispatch Radio for a unique interview to discuss CrossExamined.org and it’s mission to reverse the trend of youth leaving the church. After addressing the shocking stats that three out of four Christian kids leave the church, Turek expertly […]