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Sheena Jongeneel Uprise Pilates & Wellness Center acupuncture

Sheena Jongeneel on Uprise Wellness, the use of acupuncture and pilates

Uprise Pilates & Wellness Center is turning heads in California and co-founder and president, Sheena Jongeneel talked with Dispatch Radio about their unique combination of Pilates and Acupuncture. Sheena begins by discussing her serious knee injury “in college…I was a dance major” transitioning into her own account of surgery and then how Pilates became an […]

Norm Shealey Living Bliss book cover

Dr Norm Shealy interview: ‘Living Bliss,’ new research on living longer

Science has established that one of the common factors in those who live to 100 is that these individuals have “exceptionally long telomeres” and now Dr. Norm Shealy is exploring the challenge to help people increase the length of their telomeres. During a new interview with Dr. Shealy, he detailed to Dispatch Radio how telomeres shrink […]

Giant Microbes banner

GIANTmicrobes founder Drew Oliver talks about the origins of the company, new items for Christmas

Looking for a really unique, educational and adorable gift for your family, friends or co-workers this Christmas season? One company provides collectible toys that fit all those descriptions, and that’s GIANTmicrobes®. GIANTmicrobes® is the brain child of Drew Oliver, a former editor of the Harvard Lampoon who spoke to Robert Herriman of the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show […]