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Bill Parks talks ‘Hart of Dixie getting killed on ‘Justified’ and his Pepsi ad’

Actor Bill Parks appeared on Dispatch Radio to talk about the popular CW drama Hart of Dixie, playing Chicken and many of his other projects, particularly appearing on Justified (Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins), missing out on getting a role in American Sniper and his Pepsi ad. Billl talks about season 4, playing a character named […]


T.O.N.E.-z talks ‘Justified’ season 5, new song ‘Boom,’ music and the caucasian Dr Dre

T.O.N.E.-z is first ever rapper to be nominated for an Emmy Award with Long Hard Times To Come, the unforgettable theme song to the hit show Justified. His latest song, Boom, is featured in the Justified season 5 premeire – watch the video below. “It’s a nice jump off,” he says during an interview with […]


Matt Carter gives TV preview: ‘Sherlock’ season 3, ‘Justified’ season 5 and ‘The Walking Dead’

Matt Carter, cartermatt.com, is one of the premiere experts on all things TV. Talking with The Global Dispatch, Matt discussed three of the top shows below: Sherlock season 3, Justified season 5 and the second half of The Walking Dead season 4. Sherlock season 3: Matt discusses the wait since Sherlock’s apparent death at the […]