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Lucas Overby portrait

Libertarian Lucas Overby talks race for Congress, the debt and Obamacare

EXCLUSIVE: Lucas Overby made some headlines in Florida as the Libertarian Party rallied behind the candidate to ensure his presence on the special election ballot after falling just short of the required signatures on the petition. The LP rallied to raise the funds needed to get Overby on the ballot and he spoke briefly to […]


Dr Ivan Eland discusses Ronald Reagan and his conservative legacy

From Michael Medved to Hugh Hewitt to the whole Fox News clan, plus unlikely bedfellows like Chris Matthews, former President Ronald Reagan is held on a pedestal as what conservatism is supposed to be. To countless Republican politicians from all levels of government who, at least in words, some in deeds, Reagan is the man […]

Adrian Wyllie

Adrian Wyllie talks Florida governor’s race, shift towards Libertarian ideals

The recent poll on the Florida governor race showed Charlie Crist ahead of Rick Scott 41-29% with an unlikely candidate in third: Adrian Wyllie. At 8.7% Libertarian candidate Wyllie appears to be surging in the polls. He took time out to discuss the campaign, race and appeal to both parties during an interview with Dispatch […]


Susan MacMaunus discusses political races, Libertarians may be spoilers

The most recent poll detailing an early opinion on the Florida governor race revealed Charlie Crist leading Rick Scott 41-29% with libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie third with nearly 9%. USF professor Susan MacManus discussed several races and this poll on Dispatch Radio, offering her assessment. LISTEN BELOW “Again what you saw that poll was anybody […]