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Phillp P Keene - photo

Phillip Keene talks ‘Major Crimes’ season 3, Buzz and his Pan Am collecting

TNT’s hit show Major Crimes is back for a third season and star Phillip Keene talked with The Global Dispatch about the showing and playing Buzz. They are currently filming episode seven in the third season and discusses what he’s like to see for a Buzz storyline. Phillip chronicles getting the role, being upgraded to […]


‘Sandlot’ star Patrick Renna reflects on Ham, ‘The Big Green’ and his new kickstarter film

Fans may remember Patrick Renna from his roles in Sandlot and The Big Green, but he has appeared in over 25 films and several TV shows (ER, Boston Legal, Judging Amy, The Closer, X-Files and CSI). Renna is seeking to get his new feature-length comedy Bad Roomies off the ground, using kickstarter. Renna spoke to […]