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EG Daily interview: ‘The Voice’ BalconyTV, ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ returning and more

EG Daily, a recent host of BalconyTV Los Angeles, discusses her many projects with The Global Dispatch, including her performance of Breathe on The Voice. “It was actually something that I had chosen,” she says explaining the process of bringing the song to the stage and being on The Voice. Later, the Valley Girl star […]


Brandon Chase talks ‘The Voice,’ Blake Shelton, his new album and testimony

EXCLUSIVE: Brandon Chase may be a popular name after appearing on season 5 of The Voice, but his career is just kicking into overdrive with the release of his debut single “One” earlier this month. Now Chase spoke with Dispatch Radio in a new interview to discuss the song, his upcoming album, reflect on The […]


Sarah Simmons takls ‘The Voice,’ her new album, meeting celebs

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Simmons has made a name for herself when she appeared on season 4 of The Voice. Sarah took out time to speak with The Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio to talk about the show, making her new album and her journey since the show. Sarah wasn’t familiar with popular show, “didn’t even have cable” when […]


Olivia Henken talks ‘The Voice,’ Christina Aguilera and her new album

EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Henken rocked audiences on The Voice, appearing on season 5 and now Olivia speaks withThe Global Dispatch/Dispatch Radio to talk about the show, performing, her first album and returning to the studio to record an EP. “I’m excited to get new music out. Everybody hear what I’ve come up with since The Voice.” […]