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Courtney James Clark

Courtney James Clark previews ‘Jurassic World,’ the mosasaurus

The Park is open! Jurassic World brings fans back to the Jurassic Park franchise in a big and exciting way. Actress Courtney James Clark spoke with Dispatch Radio about the film, her role as one of the park’s ‘trainers’ and her upcoming film, Mind Puppets, with Kevin Pollak. “I deal with the big dinosaur you […]

Matt Riedy

Matt Reidy previews ‘The Judge’ ‘Road Within’ and stories about the stars

Actor Matt Reidy stars alongside Robert Downey Jr, Vera Farmiga, Billy Bob Thornton, Vincent D’Onofrio and Robert Duvall in David Dobkin’s The Judge. Matt spoke with Dispatch Radio about the film and discussed several of his other projects: The Road Within, Frank vs God, Broken Vows and shares some great stories. Matt shares a brief […]