The Valhalla Project is working to help veterans decompress, return to civilian life | Dispatch Interviews

The Valhalla Project is working to help veterans decompress, return to civilian life

PTSD and trauma disorders have been a burden of returning soldiers since there were soldiers. One group, 100% non-profit, is working to assist these veterans assimilate and prepare for civilian life: The Valhalla Project.

The-Valhalla-Project-photo-300x238Speaking with former Special Forces Lt. Colonel and co-founder Gordon Cucullu and former ATF Special Agent Sheila Stephens, The Global Dispatch examines the purpose and role of The Valhalla Project and how to support or get involved with the Valhalla Project team.

Cucullu explains the purpose of the project to offer “a place to decompress, ‘de-stress’ if you will, and transition back to civilian,” noting that “this is a critical issue for many of our returning veterans.”

The multitude of activities offer an escape from their worries, bond with “battle buddies” and escape the pressure of adjustment. Cucullu details how The Valhalla Project helps with personal skills development to prep for job interviews and translate their military skills into applicable skills in the workplace.

Stephens has found a strong desire to reach out and support Valhalla and discusses the different fundraising efforts.

“There are serious issues that need to be addressed, but they don’t mean that people are broken. They don’t mean that these vets that are coming out of harm’s way can’t learn to function better and can’t be the good citizens they were before.”

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