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Tracey Birdsall details ‘Dawn of the Crescent Moon,’ her projects and the Sunkist ad

Tracey Birdsall has been in the business since the 80’s and co-stars ina new film titled Dawn of the Crescent Moon. She talked with Dispatch Radio about the new horror thriller.

tracey Birdsall portraitThe story follows college students traveling to a small Texas town to research the Legend of the Blood Lake. Tracey discusses the “older horror film” style and says it’s being described as an “instant cult classic.” Filmed in the tiny town of Fayetteville, Texas, Birdsall details the production, working with Barry Corbin (Northern Exposure, Anger Management, One Tree Hill) and how quickly the friendships formed on set.

Tracey reflects on a career which began long ago, how she retired and got back into the business, focusing on producing. In fact, she revealed how many scripts on currently on her desk, that she’s attached to and that she is already slated to start a new project November 1.

She is an incredibly personable and energetic lady who talks about breaking in with a Sunkist soda commercial, landing a spot on Family Ties and now is happier than ever.

See if you can spot her in that Sunkist “Good Vibrations” ad – video below

Dawn of the Crescent Moon took home several awards at the Action on Film International Film Festival as well as WorldFest Houston.

Check out the full interview below.

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